Exporter makes great strides after recent trip to farm show in South Africa


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By Harry Siemens
Richard Falk of Winkler, Mb recently returned from South Africa where he attended the four-day Nampo farm machinery show held annually to help farmers in the region get a better handle on the latest farming products and equipments.
Richard, who owns Canadian Ag Connection attended the show to drum up more business as part of the US Commercial Trade Services delegation. Most of his business in North America comes from the U.S.

?South Africa was a good showing for me ? lots of interest in parts,? says Falk upon his return. ?I am in the process of quoting and doing test pricing now with several companies. There will be future interest in machinery as well as agriculture in SA continues to develop.?He?s talking to several companies that are competing against each other, with nothing in the bag yet, he?d be risking losing some of them if they see the others are also involved by revealing their names.

The successful exporter of used equipment to Australia, now says in South Africa there?s interest in new aftermarket replacement parts for harvesters, tractors, planters, wear parts (tiillage and planting), engine rebuild parts, sprayer parts, etc.
? We are consolidators of all types of new replacement parts, we have 100,000 parts online on our website (www.allagparts.com) and besides the website another 15 or so major suppliers representing new replacement parts for most all North American brands.?

Falk says a Morden company, Reliabelt Conveyors, makes conveyors that will interest farmers there who are beginning to build on-farm storages which they traditionally did not have until now.

Another company, Brandt PMC makes grain carts and the increasing corn acres and yields are creating a demand for more modern equipment in the field such as grain carts.

Falk says Ktec Scrapers, built in Rosenort, are one of the most advanced and efficient scrapers that farm tractors can pull and will outperform the traditional scrapers when used in the construction of roads and also in the mining industry.
He says Ktec also builds a farm size scraper with all products using hardened steel designed with features that enhance their performance particularly in commercial applications.

?I am partnered with an Australian group out of Queensland, Access Import Services and together we export a lot of premium used equipment from North America to Australia,? he says. ?We have taken this model to the dealers in South Africa as well and there is some interest but also some limitations due to import legislation which we are researching further.?

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