New Holland repairs on 96c Cornhead


may be wrong, but i don't the rolls will switch sidesIJ if you try let us know.....they won't on earlier NH corn heads. if you leave them on to weld, make sure you attach the ground to the roll you are welding on each time. don't attach the ground to one central spot and proceed to weld all. like any other chain and sprocket......if you can keep them outa the dirt as much as possible, and tightened accordingly...they can last quite a while. JD


Peter, there is a shop at Gilman Il. that has been at it a long time rebuilding snapping rolls. They are very good. in fact they are working on building there own corn head. They rebuild JD, NH, and Geringhoff rolls both knife and spirals, they are hardened, longer lasting than original, over twice the life at half the price. Deck plate and guide blocks rebuilt too. They have a machined square edge finish. BandR Welding 815-265-7747 Brent Schoolman and Rod Honeycutt.


Thanks JD and NHDon for your comments We ended up pulling the stalk rolls and spirals off and hard surfaced them. We bought a hard surface roll for our mig welder which made the job pretty easy. Time will tell how long this is going to last. The regular stalk rolls on a 96C head can be switched around but we did not do that.