New Holland tr98 HEADER DRIVE BElTIJ


I think the engaging arm is getting over center and it gets screwed up. put a tarp strap on the upper end of the arm so it will not try to go over center the wrong way. Or maybe the idler pulley arm is getting hard to pivot and the spring that raises the pulley off the belt can't pull up the pulley to completly disengage the header. the grease zerk on the idler arm may need some extra grease. Make sure you can raise and lower the pulley easily. What about the belt guide that is fastened to the concave doorIJ If it gets tipped a little it will tear the heck out of the belt in a hurry. Also you must make sure the spring that keeps tension on the belt tight enough. There should be a flat piece of metal along side the spring to tell you if the spring is tight enough. With your cornhead you may need to tighen it a little more. Good luck.


Agree with NHDon as to checking the tightener spring but it maybe too tight not allowing the engagement arm to over center. The spring isn't broke and been tightened to compensate is itIJ Also the belt guide as he stated. Its easy to get the belt under the guide and it looks ok disengaged which is the only way to view it unless you have a helper or a 50n tool box to set on the seat while you inspect it. Usually you will smell rubber getting hot if the guide is a problem. Ours had the wrong belt on when we aquired it but it was close enough to look right but the idler arm was hitting the stop which you DO NOT WANT TO TRIM. A new belt and rebuilding the stop cured our problem but you have obviously tried that. It is the right part n IJIJIJ