New Holland Tx68 overhaul


Hey Jim I am from Western Canada and I have a 2388 but a good friend of mine is a mechanic at the local New Holland dealer and yes they have sold and service a lot of the TX combines his biggest complaint is the electrical problems on the TX he said after these combines get a bit older they have all sort of electrical problems. I have about 25000 acres through my 2388 and I did alot of work on it last spring. Similar to the stuff that you are doing to your rig. Are you close to Sterling I know some people their. Take Care


Ours is a 1995 tx68 and the electrical has been good so far. When it was new there was bad alternator that would intermittently burn out some components from overvoltage. Warranty job. I sprayed every connector plug with some waterproffing spray a few years back. The wires on the walkers for the loss sensor got chewed up a few times by corn cobs so I split a fuel line and wrapped them up to protect them. Sterling is not too close, about a 5 hour drive east down the freeway past Toronto.