Case-IH 6088 r66


If your primary crops are summer crops stay with the Gleaner. If your primary crops are corn and beans maybe a 6088 would be better.


I am not taking a stab at gleaners as I have never owned one or operated one but I know by watching auctions or farm paper classified that you would get a lot more on trade in a few years. I know of a few dealers who don't want or won't even take a Gleaner on trade unless they are Agco dealers as they have a tough time reselling them.


It has been about 6 yearssince we replaced our R62 with a caseih 2388 and have traded ever year since and the boys are running their second 6088 with a 30 ft head and 8 row corn head. We had a lot of down time with the last gleaners and a friend of mine stuck with them longer and experienced the same thing and has finally switched. We experience little down time and one day this fall we shelled 23 1000 bu hopper bottoms.