Anticipating Spring

Jack L

Farm Hand
Looking forward to the warmer weather? Has cabin fever set in and made itself at home?

Don't fret, March is almost here.

It seems like spring gets here sooner when you start making preperations for it in the weeks leading up to it.

What do you do in preperation?


Farm Hand
I love Spring and look forward to it every year. I like to plan my garden in the weeks leading up to Spring. I try to grow at least one new flower or vegetable each year in addition to my favorites.


Golden Chicken
Same old thing every year. Ground gets real soft, everything is dirty, then start working on the fields. I've got a few things to fix off course like a broken bib that froze over.

Snow Farmer

Farm Hand
Snow is deep. Cabin fever for sure.
Nothing much to get ready, machinery is serviced in the fall, usually.
What is not ready will be done in late March, early April, when the snow melts enough to get machines out of Quonset storage.
Depends on how persistent mud season is, could add a few days to a couple of weeks.
Fertilizer arrived 2 days ago and is waiting in the barn.
Waiting impatiently for mid April so we can get out on the fields and fertilize, mid May so we can get a few acres turned over and seeded.


Golden Chicken
Top Poster Of Month
Be interesting to see if March comes in like lion and leave like a lamb this year.
Hoping for warm ending of winter but not to point of flooding ankle deep mud.