Battle of the Poinsettias

Petal to the Metal

Golden Chicken
Any poinsettia sellers out there? Do you think Premium Red will remain the top seller this year or will it be toppled by something more exotic? My customers are snapping up Ice Punch as quickly as I can put them out. Polar Bear remains unpopular among my shoppers this year.


Farm Hand
I didn't know that was that many varieties of poinsettias. I would love to know more about these. I am going to try to grow mums next year to sell. I am really not a fan of poinsettias though.

Smarty Plants

Farm Hand
@Petal to the Metal, the traditional reds are still the most sought after here.

@Desi, I'm not a fan of poinsettias either, but they're a holiday staple that sells well. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother. I don't get their popularity. I hope you have lots of success with your mums!