Bio- Nematode Controller


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The Royal Nema created by Albata Biotech is one of the leading Nematode Warehouses. Royal Nema is one of the leading markets that reduce root knots and egg hatching in Phytonematode. The Bio Nematode controller is manufacture perfectly for plant extraction and has helped a lot of organic growers, gardeners, growers, winery owners, landscaping, and hydroponic growers to control pests. It is an agricultural product used for both agricultural and domestic purposes. The Neema slug Killer only eliminates nematodes and does not harm any plants.

Benefits of Royal Nema:

• Nematode Controller

• Easy to use, just mix with water

• Non-toxic

• Permanent and chemical free

• Friendly environment

• It decomposes through decay

• No Ant and Matode

To purchase this product, visit the Agrihelp website. You can easily order it online and send it for free. Also, in the event of a defect in the product you received you may return or exchange the product within three days of delivery. Agrihelp has helped more than 2,00,000 people find high-quality and highly trusted products. I am attaching a link that will direct you directly to the product site.

Royal Nema | Enhancing Plant Disease Resistance | Agrihelp