Case IH GPS systems reduce costs, increase productivity



POWELL, Wyo. - At Heart Mountain Farm Supply in Powell, Wyo., Greg Wilson is excited about the Case IH guidance systems.

Wilson is general manager and knows about guidance systems. His knowledge was as impressive as his enthusiasm.
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?The most unique thing about their guidance system is the high level of accuracy,? said Wilson. Case IH partners with Trimble.

?Trimble pioneered the GPS technology when they were a part of the design team for the original defense department satellites and they continue to be leaders in improving the civilian application of that technology,? he explained.

Throughout the Case IH partnership with Trimble the powerhouse team has continued to provide the ?the best, most accurate and diversely applicable guidance system available,? said Wilson.

The choices for producers range from the simple visual guidance systems where the operator steers to the ?most advanced systems that handle the steering, and input rates of chemicals and seeds based on ground speed, overlaps and predetermined germination rates from the history of that field,? he said.

Another benefit that Wilson easily listed is the fact that Trimble is not a subsidiary of or owned by any equipment manufacturer.

?Their units are applicable across a broad range of brands and equipment times. Case IH can put it on red machines, blue machines, yellow machines Ð basically any machines that they like,? he said.

Wilson explained that producers often start out buying one system.

?They can then move it from one machine to the next, depending on the time of year. They can use it on their planting equipment, spraying or harvesting equipment. They can use the same system all year long and save significantly on dollars.? However, Wilson noted that producers often realize, quickly, the value of the automated GPS systems and buy complete systems for all their machines because they want to be able to use them all the time.

Often, too, producers who hesitate or feel uncomfortable around computer technology quickly become converts to the system.

?All they have to do is try it one time and we?re seeing that they start looking for more and more opportunities to integrate it into their system.?

A good GPS system reduces fuel usage, input costs and operator fatigue. Additionally, it allows producers to use their highly skilled labor on other endeavor and, as most producers know, it is getting harder and harder to find skilled workers.

?The other thing is its ability to improve water management systems by controlling the leveling equipment so it can get the fields exactly how the producer needs them so the water will flow just right. These systems aren?t just about direction but also altitude,? he said.