Case-IH Chaffer


I have a Peterson adjustable chaffer in an 'l' combine, and frankly have seldom used the adjustable feature. It is pretty much run it wide open and use the air adjustment to tune it. I really like it, as you can clean up the sample without blowing it over. However, with the $150-$200 extra cost over a rigid chaffer, you may be better off saving the extra money. I haven't used a rigid one, but, like I said, I seldom close down the adjustable one. I did once in some droughted wheat (shriveled berries), and once in droughted soybeans (same thing), but usually just open her up. I run the same crops as you. Hope this helps in some way. larry


We used a non adjustable Petersen in our 93 R62 in grass. It did OK, but nothing great. It did help keep some straw and leaves out of the bin. Since the sieve was in the combine anyway we went right into wheat with it. We couldn't save grain and it cost us at least a mile _ hr. Don't know why it behaved that way. In defense of the sieve we didn't give it much of a try. Once we saw it wasn't working out it came The dealer I purchased it from (used) said the round hole sieves are a hit and a miss in Gleaners. Some guys like it and some don't.


I just did the mod. on the standard long chaffer. I could never get it to work well in corn(not enough capacity). It works great now! Nice clean sample with good capacity.


RED_Greene.....I will be going into my 3rd season with the AJ chaffer. Do I feel it is worth it.....Yes, I do, When I have to harvest high moisture corn the AJ is by far the best system to get a clean sample. It always happens with the regular systems that you may close the bottom sieve to much and you over load the elevator clutch and end up dumping some corn on the ground to get it cleaned out. I also harvest some small grains and soybeans and find the above sieve problem happen also. With the AJ harvesting soybeans, all I look for on the ground behind the machine is unthreshed pods....this tells me I am saving all of the soybeans in the combine. Any other questions, just ask.......Jack in Minnesota.


this is common, but it does not affect capactiy unless you accel rolls are worn. We say use the long finger chaffer on corn on short shoes. We run about 7_16 or 1_2" here and about 7_16 to 1_2" on beans and corn.


Do you have the chaffer modIJ This allows you to open up the front and close back the middle. I use the square tooth chaffer, I never liked the long tooth chaffer as I could never get a clean enough sample. I also installed a 1" x 1 1_2" board in the back of the chaffer cut at the same slant the shoe is. This keeps any bouncers from bouncing out the back.


Have never heard any other changes required to go with chaffer mod.I did it on my F2 and changed nothing else.