Case-IH Considering an 8010


First find out the year if it is 06 or newer you will like the machine 04 or 05 stay away they had control pressure problems unless your dealer is very sharp and has rebuilt the o rings in the pumps then maybe consider We use to have an 04 and 06.


jThere had been an new dipstick and tube relased for the pto on these machines. It increases the oil level about 5 quarts or so. Previous oil level barely covered the pump suction when running. New level raises the operating oil level to about the seam where the sump is bolted on. I think this was a lot of the early machines problem with control. Get a little low and you started airating.


No doubt there will be some that will be upset by this but I might be worthwhile to hold off for a bit. As in the Dakotas,fuel for drying purposes may become an issue. It seems everything thats old is becoming new again and just like there is renewed interest in the rail system, I would not be surprised if the old corncribs make a return once natural gas becomes expensive and scarce,partially due to all the gas power plants coming on line in Ontario.


I would think that ear corn would be in high demand for ethenal companies,kills two birds with on stone.