'Defining the Future' Takes Focus at Conference


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CANADA - Showing leadership in farm animal care has emerged as a defining issue that will determine the future competitiveness and market success of livestock industries around the globe.

One of the best places to learn about the latest developments in farm animal care ? including what they mean for producers and industry ? is the 2012 Livestock Care Conference, 21-22 March in Red Deer, Alberta.

The annual event is hosted by Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC), the organization representing all major livestock producer organizations in the province.

"Farm animal care today is unquestionably a top issue internationally, with many implications from the farm level to the consumer level," says Heini Hehli, a dairy producer from the Rimbey, Alberta, area and Chair of AFAC. "It represents significant challenges but also major opportunities for those who are knowledgeable, progressive and innovative on this issue. As producers, that?s the category we want to be in."

The Livestock Care Conference was one of the first events of its kind designed to help producers, industry and other stakeholders keep at the forefront, says Lorna Baird, AFAC Executive Director. This role has never been more important, as farm animal care has risen to become a focus of new thinking and new expectations at many levels.

Themed Defining the Future, the 2012 Livestock Care Conference will showcase the latest developments, progress, challenges and opportunities. The conference is anchored by a dynamic agenda featuring leading speakers ? both local and international ? and cutting-edge topics.

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