Goat Breeds


Farm Hand
Does anyone have a preferred goat breed? I like raising Nubians and LaManchas. Nubians are such a sweet breed with delicious milk. LaManchas are so adorable and they have good personalities. :)


Bean Stalker
My wife and I used to have a dairy goat farm. We started off with registered Nubians, and we really loved that breed. As time went on, we added Alpines and then Saanens and finally LaManchas. I have to say that Nubians were my favorite until we started raising Nigerian Dwarves, who are jut as sweet but are small and baby like. We had some Nigerian does that insisted on constantly being picked up like puppies. But I have to say, I just love goats in general.

Urban Homestead

Golden Chicken
I adore our Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are easy to milk, and it has the best flavor in my opinion. They're fun goats to have around. Each one has a distinctive personality. If I had the space for it, I'd add some Alpines which are great at dealing with the heat. I don't like the way that milk tastes when it comes from a LaMancha, but they're a popular breed among homesteaders.