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I've never been so thankful that I canned so much food as I am right now! Have you been to the store lately? Prices on just about everything are sky-high right now. I know the coronavirus is affecting our industry too, but realistically, we're more likely to be able to feed our families during worldwide turmoil. We know how to make do with very little, how to repurpose stuff, and how to make everything stretch. Our industry may not thrive right now but the people will survive.


Golden Chicken
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Indeed sad but maybe something good can from this not even iPhone app. can help...reality check.


Farm Hand
Yeah I’m pretty optimistic actually. I know some are very nervous because of the corona virus. Not going to judge because it’s indeed absolutely normal to feel uncertain and panic about this huge problem going on around the world. But for me I believe things will get back on track soon, may not be the coming 1-2 months but I’m sure things will be well controlled and we possibly can still have our summer time.


Farm Hand
Yes, I'm very glad that we canned a lot this past summer. I went to the store, and they were just cleaned out of so much stuff. I have enough to share a bit with our neighbors if they need food. I definitely feel very fortunate.


Farm Hand
I was at the store the other day. It's crazy how many products were cleared out. I am really happy that I have a huge freezer where I keep a lot of meat. I also canned fruits and vegetables last year. We are pretty set for food for a little while.

Sam Carter

Farm Hand
"Somebody told us Wall Street fell
but we were so poor that we couldn't tell"
Song Of The South, Alabama

I have always said that it isn't what you make, it's how you live on how much you make.

But we have stocked up on Chicken Noodle, Tomato and other soups. It does the job at a low cost.