How Did You Decide on Farming?


Farm Hand
I grew up on a farm, so getting my own farm someday only seemed natural to me. Did you grow up on a farm? Did you start a farm after working in the corporate world? If so, why did you decide to leave the corporate world and go to farming?

William Van

Farm Hand
My mother's family has operations out in the country and we would visit them once a month when we were growing up. I got the bug way back then.

Snow Farmer

Farm Hand
My Mother's family were farmers so I get it honestly.
I wanted to be in the farming life since I was a wee kid, but had to wait for the right woman to come along, the first wife was not into it.
After meeting my second wife, we got started with a 30 acre place in my mid 30's, upgraded to a 1/4 section before I was 40.
22 years later and loving it, I hope to never have to live in a city again.