How Do You Make Barn Spring Cleaning Easier?

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I'm getting older, and my barn spring cleaning has really caused me a lot of pain the past few years. It's just hard on my knees and back to do all that intense scrubbing. They have house cleaners, but I've never heard of a professional barn cleaner. My kids can help a little, but they are still somewhat young, so I can't expect them to do it all.

Do you all have any tips for making the spring cleaning easier on my body? Or do you have suggestions on who might be able to help me out a bit so I am not doing it all myself?


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What kind of spring cleaning are you doing? We clean our barn all the time. We have the guys that work for us help clean.

I'm wondering what you're doing to see if we are doing the same.


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I was wondering the same and that is what constitutes spring cleaning for a barn?

I did invest in a cheap power washer to make more thorough cleaning of the horse stalls easier. I guess another task that might only be done a couple times a year is pulling out the pallets the hay sits on and cleaning that out and repositioning. I don't have a good system for that. otherwise I can't think of anything that would only be done in the spring.


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A pressure washer would be a great tool to use if you don't already use one. Maybe you can get family or friends to come do a task or two for you? Someone could clean out the troughs, for instance. Someone else could go around and knock cobwebs down. And someone else could help you move things around so you can take inventory of your supplies. I hope you can find a few willing volunteers. You could always persuade them by offering a home-cooked meal. :)


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Yes, a pressure washer has saved me hours and a backache! We have been using one for years. We do this a few times a year (thorough cleaning with pressure washer).

I love the idea of the home cooked meals for barter!