Keeping Employees Motivated and Interested

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Farm Hand
Let's face it, our jobs can get a little mundane, especially in the winter when there isn't a lot to do. So, how do you keep your employees motivated? How can we provide them some variety so they don't get too bored and look for jobs elsewhere?


Farm Hand
Depends on line of work.

Sales is completely different than production line for example.

Common thread amongst any field though...treat people decently, be a leader and not a boss, make them know their contributions are valued and above all ALWAYS BE LISTENING.

One of the first people to hire me once told me why he hired me for a sales job - despite fact I had ZERO experience and was probably unqualified. The first question he always ask was "What makes you a good salesperson/what is the most important skill" and as he said - the response was almost always "Im a people person, Im a very classy person, outgoing, strong drive/killer instinct or high intellect/knowing product, knowing buyer, able to outsmart them"

All the typical answers you'd expect from a car salesman basically. Anyway - in all my youth and ignorance I looked at him, paused for a moment (and was probably trying to think of a grear reply) and finally got out something to the effect of "just let the customer tell you what THEY want before pushing what you want to sell them...if they came in looking for parts...your wasting your time trying to sell them a car they cannot afford"

He looked at me, nodded asked about 2 other small chat questions and made his offer on the spot. The day I left as top salesperson - he reminded me of that interview and said he knew right then I'd be successful. No one ever thinks LISTENING is important in an alpha driven setting - and that is what sets successful people apart...not telling people what you think they want to hear...but letting them tell you and then reacting with how you can help them get what they want while fulfilling your wants.

Jonny B Goode

Farm Hand
Switch up their job duties if you can. Doing the same thing month in and month out can be monotonous after awhile. Maybe creating a "Bring you child to work day" for the parents would help as well.