Gleaner l3 parts


We used to have a l-2 and had the wide spaced hardened bars in it I loved them! when they wore out a guy talked me into a different type IMPROVED bars not sure what they were ran them half a season took my old worn out bars back to the guy that made them and he built up one side to reuse never regretted it, they may crack a little more grain (so I was told) but loved the capacity it gave me we did put the lowen modified grate behind the cyl in it too; good machine good luck Bob


You won't need to use cylinder filler bars. The "F" series and smaller machines you needed them for corn. I enjoyed not haveing to put in filler bars and changing cylinder drive belts when going from wheat to corn when I went from a F2 to a l2. As far as straw chopper you should be able to find one at a salvage yard such as Worthingtons.