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MN Food Plot Guy

Hi Folks - I am brand new to this forum and a rookie to forums in general. I was advised to post here to get some badly needed feedback on the potential purchase of a John Deere Tractor. I am currently looking at a 1996 JD 6400 MFWD tractor that I am told was made in Mexico. I am not sure that this is the case, but was told by a JD dealer. I want to know if I have anything to be concerned about if this tractor was made in Mexico. Also, in general, is the JD 6400 tractor a solid tractor or something that I will wish that I never looked at? My use is in food plots only as I am stupid about deer hunting. I have about 27 acres total in 9 different food plots. I have an old JD tractor now that is not big enough for my other equipment.

Any feedback, positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you for your time and experience.
MN Food Plot Guy