Quick review of Black+Decker LP 1000


Golden Chicken
This was an impulse buy while I was shopping at The Home Depot. I bought an electrical Black+Decker LP 1000 (it's like a loper/saw sort of) in March and I've been using it steadily since then. I had a similar model that lasted for years. It's great for speedily cleaning up yard debris.

  • Not very loud at all. Won't disturb neighbors and my husband can even sleep through the noise it makes.
  • Holds the branch and cuts it itself. No more two person jobs where one holds the end of the branch while the other cuts.
  • Cuts quickly and efficiently. No effort on my part to cut like with a regular lopper or handsaw. No effort to control the movement or kickback intensity to struggle with like with a chainsaw. I had my Dogwoods and shrubs cleaned up in time with this thing.
  • It's safe. I feel confident letting my older children use it while I'm there. It's lightweight, easy to control, and you'd have to purposefully stick your fingers in between the cutting blades in order to get hurt. It would take more than carelessness to cut your hands.
  • It cuts thicker wood than a lopper can handle. Much thicker!
  • It vibrates terribly. It's not a deal breaker and doesn't make it harder to use, it's just annoying and uncomfortable after a while. Just as messy as a saw. I was hoping to avoid that so it was a bit of a disappointment. You have to shake the wood out or it starts to stick.
  • Try to cut very wet wood or cut to thick of a branch and it might get stuck. I've been able to get it free without having to remove the blades so far, and that's a good thing because it looks like a pain to put back on.
  • The oil reservoir is shallow and the oil bottle they provide doesn't fit. I have to add more oil often which gets frustrating.
  • The chain gets stuck in wet wood sometimes.
It fits my needs and I'm happy with my purchase. Even with the annoyances it still makes those chores a snap.