Gleaner R50 spindles


can't help much but to share, yes I did have trouble breaking the spindles off of a l-2 and our first R-52 2wd. combines, what I found on both was that the axles were turning too far and laying the rear wheels over too far and I felt causeing excessive preasure on the spindles I restricted the travel and seemed to help, our now R-52 has 4 wd. and I use it almost all the time and feel this helps a lot to relieve the stress,what tires do you have on itIJ maybe if you go to lug tires like 4wd. use and turn them around it may relieve some stress too.


My cousin snapped a few on his years ago. He was always running hard bouncing around loaded. I told him you cant keep doing that and if you do you will soon break the main axle!!!! He did accept my point and I dont think he has broken any for a while. Brassring's comment about turning radius makes a lot of sense especially when loaded. I can imagine the stress maybe doubled in a tight turn in high moisture ground conditions. I wonder if 70's spindles could fit in your axle, might have to change hubs and try to keep same bolt_wheel pattern. Tbran or NDDan may know if some parts can swap... Gleamer


spindles have been 'beefed' part n change from 71351683 71351685 to 71389616 71389617 We have a 52 rear ax assy - possibly used spindle . Adjustable axles were heavier if could find. As stated limit turning degree ( these units turn SHORT ) as precaution. better yet a RWA swap