Raven Introduces Product App


Posted by Cindy ? July 29th, 2012

The Raven Innovation Summit this week was a great chance to get to learn more about this dynamic and diverse company that manufacturers precision agriculture solutions.

The 10th annual summit highlighted all of the Raven precision products and what is new, including a new smartphone app to see them all in the palm of your hand. ?It?s basically a mobile product guide of Raven technology that?s very interactive,? said Paul Welbig, Director of Marketing, Product Management and Slingshot Operations for Raven. The app is available on both iPhone and Android platforms ? just search for Raven Product Guide in your store. You?ll also see stands like the one in this photo wherever Raven is exhibiting, like at Farm Progress Show in Iowa, for example.

Raven has also been the sponsor of the Agwired app on both platforms since it was launched two years ago. A feed for Precision Pays is part of the Agwired app.

Listen or download to my interview with Paul where he talks about the summit, what?s new, the new app, Raven?s global presence and more at http://precisionpays.com/2012/07/raven-introduces-product-app/


The World of Raven Field Computers

They?re all pretty smart but one of Raven Precision?s field computers actually speaks 22 languages!

We learned more about the multilingual entry-level Cruizer II, as well as the Envizio Pro II and Viper Pro field computers from Raven at last week?s Innovation Summit, where many of the 230 attendees came from other countries. Shane Swedelund, Senior Product Manager, says they each offer new improvements and have certain strengths and benefits for the growers in the field.

Listen to my interview with Shane where he talks about what is new with each product line and how they compare
go to http://precisionpays.com/2012/07/the-world-of-raven-field-computers/


Raven Releases 50+ New Steering Kits in a Year

Posted by Cindy ? August 4th, 2012

Raven Industries has released over 50 new steering kits in the last 12 months with the latest evolution of the company?s SmarTrax platform, something we learned quite a bit about at the recent Raven Innovation Summit.

Tim Heins, product manager for steering and guidance, says they have coverage for over 300 different models of machines. ?One of the challenges when you?re a company like Raven when you have a lot of different colors that we try to cover is getting kits for a lot of different machines,? he said. ?With all that we offer, from planters, to GPS, to field computers, you have to have the steering solution for that ? you gotta be able to steer the machine.? Tim says Raven steering and guidance options include SmarTrax, SmarTrax RTK, and SmartSteer.

To listen to the interview with Tim http://precisionpays.com/2012/08/raven-releases-50-new-steering-kits-in-a-year/