Gleaner RWA swivle fittings


new rwa's don't use swivels since about 95, there are kits for these, however if the swivels are worn in the brg area they will not hold seals. On most swivels, there is a grease zerk that is hidden, also there is a nut that adjusts free play - remove the allen bolt and turn in one click as possible. There is a seal from Baum Hydraulics or others BA 35w03a (.75 X.625 X .125) that will fit in lieu of the factory kit, use a back up ring to take up the slack, and it will ride in a new 'groove' and will serve for extending the life. These swivels operate under system pressure, often 5000 psi. They will not last forever. Changing the direction of stess by 180 degrees will even out the wear - switching sides or top to bottom. 71355392 is the kit for end oring fittings - late style and 71341629 is the kit for non brg, jic swivels. Again if there is a wear groove in the hsg the factory kit will not hold. Hope this helps.