New Holland small grainharvesting and TR 98


I think you need a small grain or universal concave. Some aftermarket co. is making an insert for the CR's round bar concave, but probably not much call for the TR's anymore. There should be some used concaves around. You will have plenty of straw to bale behind the TR. If the straw gets really dry it will be pretty well chewed up and hard to bale


Up untill this year we where doing Wheat,Oats, Barley,etc. with round bar concaves. It did work, but in hard threshing conditions it was very hard to get all the grain out of the straw. As far as chewing up the straw the only place that I seen where the small grain concaves chewed up the straw more was in Rye, In Oats and Barley I couldn't see much differance in the straw between the round bar and small grain concaves.


The company making the inserts for the CR concaves does make them for TR roundbar concaves also. It was a NH dealer that was having a fabricator make them. I'm thinking Princeton, IndianaIJ