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MS Gregson N1000 and N1250 Sprayers 

MS Gregson Novation sprayers come in N1000-gallon and N1250-gallon models, with a Novation design that is targeted toward operators who want a simple, clean sprayer with a rate controller and 60- to 90-foot booms. 

Gregson representative Lyle McLean says the Novation sprayer is the very first pull-type sprayer equipped with air-ride suspension. This suspension, unique to the industry, senses the amount of load placed on the axle and automatically adjusts the air pressure within the Firestone airbags.

With the sprayer fully loaded the on-board self-contained air compressor senses the extreme load and pressurizes the suspension to compensate, giving a soft ride and an ample amount of axle travel. As the sprayer empties and the load on the airbags decreases, the compressor automatically lowers the pressure to maintain the same consistent ride.

Fast 9500, 9500T, 9600, 9600N High-Clearance Sprayers 

Fast Equipment offers the 9500, 9500T, 9600 and 9600N Series sprayers. The 9500 Series has 1,800- and 2,400-gallon compact Stealth tanks while the 9600 Series offers Stealth tanks with 1,050- and 1,350-gallon capacities. The 9500T has a lighter and stronger round tube truss-style boom with widths of 120 and 132 feet. The 9600 Series has boom widths of 60 to 100 feet while the 9500 Series has boom widths of 60 to 132 feet. Boom options on the 9600N include widths of 60 to 90 feet.

Fast sprayers maintain a short-coupled advantage for reduced crop damage. In the 9600N, Fast has redesigned the centre section allowing for narrower transport width, and the company has changed the boom configuration to simplify storage. An extendable hitch available on the 9500, 9500T and 9600 has been eliminated on the 9600N to keep costs down.

Fast says its sprayers start with farmer-inspired design. Load stations on the sprayers are operator friendly with easy-access tanks and simple-to-use valves. As well, all components manufactured by Fast Distributing are powder coated with Peridium coatings for long-term protection.

Ag Shield 1000 and 1500 gallon 
with 7700 Series Boom 

Ag Shield from Benito, Man. describes its sprayers as ?on target, on time, every time.? The company produces 1,000- and 1,500-gallon carts sizes that come with 7700 series booms for widths of 60 to 134 feet. 

The Ag Shield 7700 series floating boom is encased in a solid shield for better control of drift. It also improves coverage by opening up the crop canopy to get coverage of even low-lying weeds, thanks to a rounded front edge of the shield that pushes plants to expose the lower reaches of the crop.

Ag Shield uses a hydro-mechanical (no sensors or computers) ground following system (GFS) to maintain boom height, and a Wilger flow tube nozzle monitor system tells the operator whether a nozzle is even partially plugged, so you?re on top of nozzle performance at all times.

Demco 850 and 1250 Sprayers 

Demco?s 850- and 1,250-gallon sprayers have a unique tank shape that permits one of the shortest hitch pin to axle lengths in the industry. This design adds excellent manoeuvrability in the field. The tank has a 16-inch lid and two high-volume jet agitators, and its moulded bottom ensures drainage to the rear of the sprayer. Boom sizes can range from 45 to 90 feet.

A ?live? hydraulic control block means you need only one set of remote hydraulic outlets to perform all boom functions. Independent wing folding, hydraulic height adjusting, wing levelling and outer wing breakaway enhance field performance. 

On the wider booms, guide wheels ride above the ground surface on flat terrain. When the glide wheels contact uneven field terrain, they automatically raise the boom wings.


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