New Holland TR 85


We have had a TR-85 for approximately 8 years now. It has been a good machine, and I am completely sold on New Holland and the twin rotor concept. For a mid size machine, you can really get through some acres in a day, and I have never slugged the machine. They can pull out of some amazing RPM drops. Ditto what the other reply had to say. 3000 hrs. is a lot on any machine. If you keep a good edge on the concaves and have a machine that is in good general condition, you will get along fine with your 300 acres per year. We have found few machines as heavily built as these.


listen to Wizard he knows what he talking about. We Have had are TR 85 for 13 Years and have put 5200 hours on it and is still going strong. We still are planning on running it for a couple more years.


Am interested in your 20' header. What model number and does it have pu reelsIJ What is the priceIJ My email is