Want To Move To St. Johns Newfoundland?

Kyle M

Farm Hand
I hear this is the perfect time of year.

Just kidding

And on top of that, some reports said that sustained winds got up to 74mph with gusts up to 100.

That is just crazy weather.

What is the worst storm you've ever been though?


Farm Hand
Thanks for the offer, but my passport has expired. LOL

We get enough of that up here. Those poor people though. How do you dig out of 6 feet of snow?

More Green

Farm Hand
No. I don't want to move to certain parts of Alaska either. I don't want to live anywhere that dictates the U.S. Census takers go there first because when everything is frozen over, it is the only way to reach them.

The only way for the outside world to reach you is when everything is frozen over.
You have to wait 3 days before you can even think about shoveling your way out of your house.

A big NO to both.